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How to Market F&I Products on your Dealer Website?

How to Market F&I Products on your Dealer Website?  Featured Image

Your F&I Product Presentation Starts Online.

Team DealerVERO Blog Author Photo Team DealerVERO - Mar 22, 2019

Today, F&I presentations start online. A consumer shopping for a vehicle will visit upwards of 20 websites, and less than two dealerships before purchasing a vehicle. So why do so many dealerships miss the boat on displaying information about their F&I products while customers are shopping? Here are some of the most important finance and insurance products you should be marketing on your dealership website.

Vehicle Service Contract

Show customers the value of a vehicle service contract by helping them understand what it will do to protect their vehicle and their wallet. This can easily be accomplished on your website in a frictionless way. Customers should be able to view media and other related marketing materials to help fully understand the product. Some of the top dealerships are tying inventory to their product pages, enabling customers to view relevant product marketing data while shopping inventory. Use previous work orders to show how much some customers have saved by purchasing these products. 

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

GAP is a very important product that many customers do not fully understand, and many consumers look to dealership websites for answers. The rising variability in vehicle depreciation keeps GAP coverage in the top products spotlight for your dealership to market. Helping customers see how GAP can protect them and their vehicle is crucial to success as we make a transition to more digital retailing. 

Protection Plans

Marketing additional products can help increase transparency and consumer interest. When a consumer can see your dealership has tire and wheel, appearance, key, windshield and many more products; they will begin to understand you offer products that can help keep their vehicle looking new and running great. Showcase these products around your website to increase engagement. Use before and after photos of repairs your dealership has completed. 

Dealerships have a simple choice. Continue to hide information about products they offer or embrace a new age of digital marketing and transparency. Contact a DealerVero specialist to learn more about simple ways we can help your dealership marketing your F&I products online. 

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