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How to Sell Generation-X F&I Products?

How to Sell Generation-X F&I Products? Featured Image

F&I Strategies for the New 2018-2019 Buying Power.

Team DealerVERO Blog Author Photo Team DealerVERO - Jul 11, 2019

The primary buying force in the automotive market is now millennials and gen-x customers. This younger age group has grown up with technology, and expect it in their vehicle purchase process. One of the big parts of the purchase process is the F&I process. Dealerships today must focus on presenting F&I products in a digital consumer-centric method, using their F&I menu. It comes down to presenting products in a way that consumers are familiar with. How can this be accomplished? 

Match Consumer Expectations

In order to effectively present insurance products to a younger generation, you need to have a digital platform that matches consumers shopping expectations. The more digital and interactive you can make this process, the higher your change your changes of engaging in constructive education about your protection products. 

Transparency and Style Online

Engage your consumers online and with the same materials, you will show in store. If you are using multiple third-party providers on your dealership website, be sure they tie all together and communicate. If they do not, you risk consumers feeling a sense of distrust during the transition from online to in-store. 

It's OK To Say No

This age group may not always match the same buying patterns and habits of the generations before, and it's your dealerships job to ensure your process can remain profitable. If a consumer is not interested in purchasing your F&I products, what do you do? Throw up your hands and say to yourself "Younger buyers never purchase products"? That won't get you very far. Instead, add to your process an ownership tool that allows consumers to purchase products after the sale. 

As the target continues to shift to more power for the buyer, and less power for the dealership, having the right process and systems in place is essential to continue to thrive. Remember, there are five ways to increase F&I sales to millennial and gen-x auto buyers. Follow these steps and principles and have a successful F&I sales experience. 

Millennial F&I Gen-X F&I

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