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3 Ways to Sell More Products with Your eCRM

3 Ways to Sell More Products with Your eCRM Featured Image

How to connect your customers to protection products.

Team DealerVERO Blog Author Photo Team DealerVERO - Apr 17, 2019

Put yourself in your customer's shoes for a moment: you just purchased a new vehicle, you probably spent more than you thought, you probably thought you would get a better interest rate, you are probably about ready to call it quits. The last thing you want to talk about is spending more money on F&I products. How would you're dealership handle this situation? 

The majority of dealerships will attempt to sell products to this customer. While this is certainly a time to help the customer understand products that are available to protect their new vehicle purchase, is this the best time to actually sell products? Could leveraging our CRM or eCRM be the answer for selling products to consumers after the sale? Could this be the missed opportunity sales program that F&I departments have been searching for? The answer is yes, and here are three tips to sell more products to your customers who you already know:

Know Thy Customer

Often the largest factor of successful eCRM marketing is understanding your customers and properly segmenting. You will want to define the segments your customers fall into and assign an appropriate journey to these customers. Let's look at an example: Jane purchased a vehicle 2 years ago used, has brought the vehicle in one time for service, and has otherwise not interacted with your dealership. How would we categorize Jane? One option would be the length of ownership. One of the journeys we could assign to this customer could be a service journey. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle can often save money up front, but cost more with maintenance. Providing options and incentives for Jane to consider a vehicle service contract (VSC) may create an opportunity to sell this product, provide valuable protection for Jane, all while maintaining a frictionless approach. 



Right Products At The Right Time

In the example above we saw how defining the right segment and journey is crucial to meeting a consumer where they are in their vehicle ownership process. In the example above, pitching Jane a tire and wheel (T&W) product would not be the most logical place to start. Jane purchased her vehicle used and looking back at our vehicle sales intake form we see that the vehicle had some scratches on the rims. We can infer that Jane does not prioritize her wheels. In the same breath, we could also say that Jane may prioritize a portion of the standard T&W protection...the tire protection. Here lies the challenge, you need to have the right products at the right time to present to your customer. 

Persistence Is The Key

All of the examples provided are great, but the largest question remains. How does your dealership consistently communicate with thousands of customers about the right products? The answer is simpler than you think. You need to have the right tools to automate this process for you. This will give you two major benefits. First is that you will know that the communication is happening and the products are being presented every time. Second is that you can make changes and run A/B tests to continue to improve and optimize this process. 

Following the steps above will ensure you are connecting the right customers with the right products. As always, this process takes time. If your dealership needs help finding the right tool to automate the process above or needs an expert team to help define the right strategy; contact an eCRM specialist at DealerVero. We can help your dealership understand where there is an opportunity and automate the process of getting there. 

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