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The New Digital F&I Presentation That Works

The New Digital F&I Presentation That Works Featured Image

Team DealerVERO Blog Author Photo Team DealerVERO - Mar 08, 2020

Is your dealership still waiting until the F&I office interaction to talk about the F&I protection products available for customers' vehicle? If so, your dealership is missing out on a massive opportunity to sell more F&I products. A new emerging way of presenting vehicle protection products a more consumer-centric way is making its way through dealerships around the country with amazing results. Though there is still no official name for it, here is a basic outline of how the process works: 

Present F&I Products On the Show Floor 

The most progressive dealerships present F&I products while the customer is waiting for their vehicle to be cleaned, or while F&I completes paperwork. This accomplishes two things.  First, it maximizes the downtime in the sale; and secondly, it will speed up the F&I interaction later-on in the process. Think about walking into the F&I office as similar to walking into an interview. A customer is not always familiar with the process, and this creates discomfort and confusion. Walking out to the customer to explain the steps in finalizing the sale will help the customer feel at ease. It will also give you a great time to talk about the protection products available in their vehicle.

Digital Presentations Are The Key

One of the best things you can do in any sales scenario is matching a pattern your prospective buyer is already used to in their daily life. This can take various forms, but when it comes to presenting F&I products, we want to bring a digital presentation to our consumers. This will allow us to engage on a central focal point (the tablet) and converse openly about the protection and the products we have to offer. It will also allow us to quickly bring animations, videos, and other materials into the conversation in a seamless fashion. 

Going For The Close

Today's customers repel traditional sales closes like the plague. If you want to achieve higher and better results, you need to think like your consumer. What drives consumers to purchase things online? What about in a store? Can you think of one unilateral methodology to encourage buy decisions now? If you guessed a "Sale", you are right. We can use this method, tied in with our digital presentation to achieve higher sales and more closes without any cheesy lines or tactics. Work with your dealership marketing team, or dealership consulting services to develop an incentive-based sale on the products you present to your customers. Implement this correctly and you will see amazing results. 

If your dealership wants to be successful in today's F&I sales game, you need to have your finger on the pulse of today's shoppers. Find their patterns, implement them with your products and services, and watch your numbers soar. 

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