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The Mobile F&I Revolution is Now [Infographic]

The Mobile F&I Revolution is Now [Infographic] Featured Image

7 Reasons to Embrace New Transparent Mobile F&I Technology.

Team DealerVERO Blog Author Photo Team DealerVERO - Jun 08, 2018

We have all seen the studies, and we have all been to the auto dealer conferences in Las Vegas, and California and Florida. Now it is time to implement the things we have learned. 

Fact: Customers want to be able to research your F&I products online. 

Fact: F&I products account for upwards of 45% of dealership profitability. 

Fact: Increasing transparency in F&I and offering a more shopper-focused process will lead to higher engagement and sales.

Here are 7 reasons your dealership should be embracing transparency and new technologies in this mobile F&I revolution. 



7 Reasons to Embrace Mobile F&I Revolution


We all know these simple facts about increasing transparency in F&I, especially with Mobile. So how can we implement these into real practices on our websites so when customers search our inventory and dealership from their mobile device, we are showing relevant content? Simple, we need to partner with F&I menu and technology providers to share the information on our website. DealerShowcase does this for so many of our dealership clients, and if you don't have your F&I page set we are here to help


Transparent F&I Mobile F&I

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