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Why 2020 F&I Has Drastically Changed

Why 2020 F&I Has Drastically Changed Featured Image

Team DealerVERO Blog Author Photo Team DealerVERO - Apr 03, 2020

F&I Today is No longer what it was. The changes forced by consumers are causing massive changes in the dealership space. Today's consumers are completing sales online, bringing their own financing options and trying to avoid your dealerships F&I process. So what is the solution for dealerships to avoid losing business and sale gross? You guessed it, it is having simple protection programs for your consumers to purchase their vehicle. Your goal in 2020 should be to provide your customers with the options and let them decide which ones are best. Once they leave the dealership, be sure to follow up with customized messages to provide additional opportunities to purchase F&I protections. 

As more and more disruptive innovators enter the automotive space, it will become more and more vital that your dealership has a streamlined and simple approach to selling F&I products. DealerVero has amazing solutions that can automate your pre and post F&I sales processes. Contact our sales team to learn why we guarantee results, and how we can increase your profits without spending thousands on advertising. 

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