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Educating Online Shoppers Increases F&I Sales.

Modern Digital Tools to Market your F&I Products

The 2020 motorcycle-shopper is looking for transparency and information about your insurance and ancillary F&I products before they enter the dealership.

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Customer-Driven Online F&I Sales

Build a transparent F&I process that allows your customers to shop F&I insurance products while they are shopping for their new or used cycle. 63% of customers would purchase 1 or more vehicle protection products if they could research them while searching for their vehicle online.*

DealerSHOWCASE places provider approved digital marketing assets on your website or as a standalone F&I product micro-site. The seamless enhancement allows your prospective customers to learn about every product you offer before entering the dealership or F&I office. With your product information automatically syndicating to all dealer websites, customers shopping for their next cycle can easily be educated about products available. The technology also allows your dealership to seamlessly capture leads and automatically route them into your CRM. This helps increase leads and engagement.

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    At DealerVero, we build smart technology for every part of the vehicle purchase cycle: research, sale, and ownership. Our F&I solutions are utilized by dealerships in the automotive, RV, power sports, and motorcycle industries.

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