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Artificially Intelligent F&I Product Follow-up.

Automated Post-Sale Customer Platform

Effortlessly enroll your customers in our artificial intelligence powered campaign, or create a custom follow-up cycle to sell F&I products after your initial RV sale.

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Post-Sale F&I Product Marketing Automation

89% of dealerships do not have an effective process of selling F&I products after the initial recreational vehicle sale. Additionally, 7 of 10 customers will not buy all the F&I protection products they need at your dealership in the initial sale. This leaves these customers to purchase these products elsewhere, resulting in lost profits for your dealership.

DealerCAMPAIGN enables your store to capture 20-40% more profit per vehicle sold. By strategically communicating with your customers after the F&I sale is complete. Our proprietary neural-engine enables seamless follow-up with your customers after the initial F&I sale to continually educate and inform about opportunities to purchase ancillary protection products.

The system automatically presents your recreational vehicle products that are most likely to be purchased. The artificial intelligence helps identifies the best medium to reach each customer and uses that data to communicate opportunities via email, text, phone, mail, and our call-center partners. Through this no-friction approach, dealerships increase customer loyalty and life-time value while increasing profits.

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